Jumat, 09 Juni 2017


Hi guys! I'm Vanya, now i want to tell you about one of my activities in 3 Senior High School. That activity is Paman Gober. Paman Gober is abbreviation of Penanaman Kembali dan Gowes Bersama or replanting and cycling together.

Paman Gober was held by OSIS on Saturday, 8 April 2017. Paman Gober  aims to increase students' interest in maintaining nature by cycling and to preserve the environment by planting trees.
This activity start on 6.30AM in Bali field. Every student should bring a bike but student can also borrow a bike in 3 Senior High School which is already provided by the school. Before we started this activity. We listened remarks from the principal and the chief executive. And finally this activity started. We cycled while accompanied by the police.

Route if this activity is Bali field - Lombok Street - Citarum Street - Diponegoro Street - Supratman Street - Katamso Street - planted tree in TNI complex - Cisadea Street - Supratman Street - Ahmad Yani Crossroad - Laswi Street - Pelajar Pejuang Street - BKR Street - Moch Ramdan Street - Karapitan Street - Sunda Street - Sumbawa street - Belitung Street - Kalimantan Street - 3 Senior High School.

In PTI TNI Complex every class representative planted a tree. Principal also give a tree to TNI as a symbolic sign. After Paman Gober avtivity finished, followed by the final of the match Dewa Athena.

I really enjoy this activity because its really exciting when we could cycle bike together with our friends and out teacher. Beside that i think that this activity was good to our health.

Senin, 03 April 2017

Dewa Athena

hi guys, my name is Vanya and i want to tell you about my activity on Saturday, 25th March 2017.

In that day i follow my school activity that's Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena was one of event that held by OSIS 3 Senior High School. This event is like competiton interclass. And my class is X IPA 2. In this activity every class must use different jersey. The color of jersey of my class is white and blue. It's really cute i think. This event was held on 25th March 2017 and will continue on 1st April 2017🤗

This event started at 7am and finished at 5pm. I followed this activity until finished. The activities of this event was held in 3 different place that are in Bangsal, Basketball field, and Football field. This event was really exciting and really crowded. Every people kept support their class.

The first game i watched was basketball. My class fighted with social 1 class. And my class was win yippiiee , me and my friend were really happy. after that i support my friends indi and dhea to played at badminton competition. And my class won againn yuhuu😋. After that we took our breakfast time. I ate ricebox at football field with my friends. After that we continued the competiton. Yuhuuu finally football competition i really exciting. Sadly we lose, but that didn't make we lost our spirit. We kept cheerup. Beside watched the competition me and my friends didn't forget to took some photos xixixi. After watched my friends nata,indi,marshya,ilma, and hurin played dodgeball. that game was very crowded. And happily, in this competition my class win yuhuuu.

Finally, Dewa Athena finished at 4 pm, me and my friends went home. We were really happy today and this is my first experience joined sport competition in 3 SHS

Senin, 27 Maret 2017


1 a big animal who live in the sea but like to spurt water to the air
2beside a king there will always a ...
3 i want to .... my speed
4 mosquitoes hate this flower
5 if i see a ghost i feel ....
6 pink animal who live on the pond and have a long neck
7 an animal who have a trunk
8 mechanic .... a broken vehicles
9 a number before one
10 teacher and doctor are kind of ....
11  mom is .... than me
12 they ..... my head with a stick golf
13 it is a secret agent in california

14 congratulation! you .... the competition
15 please ... that book on the table
16 the synonyms of shy
17 the .... shine so bright on the sky
18 the verb 1 of got
19 a number after four
20 people , plants and .... live in this planet
21 this room is very hot please turn on the ....
22 the .... of this ground is solid
23 if you live in the mountain usually in the morning you will see ....
24 a place that so many animal live and if we want to entry we must buy the ticket first
25 a toy in shape round and have a rope in it
26 an animal who live on pond and have a long mouth
27 i think my ear .... something
28 ... a minute! i'll be right there

6, 19









1, 14

8, 23



9, 22